108 Eastman Street
Cranford, New Jersey 07016

Calvary Lutheran Church invites you to GROW, CONNECT and SERVE with us
in the name of Jesus

Join us for Worship with Holy Communion
Sundays @ 9:30am
Thursdays @ 1:15pm

"Breakfast Bunch" Sunday School @ 8:30am

Caring Ministry


The Caring Ministry provides support and caring to members going through a life change.

The Caring Ministry...

•    Coordinates Lay Ministers to provide communion to home bound and sick members
•    Prays for folks in need through our Prayer Team
•    Sends cards and carenotes for many occasions -- joyous and not so joyous
•    Organizes events for seniors including an intergenerational event with Calvary Nursery School and Child Care
•    Provides baked goods or meals to folks with a life change
•    Supports those who have had a recent loss at monthly get-togethers
•    Distributes and makes care packages to folks in need, including a prayer shawl made by the Prayer Shawl Ministry
•    Volunteers at Cranford's MLK Day of Service

The Caring Ministry is blessed with dynamic members who volunteer their time and talent to support folks in need.  Some people volunteer one hour a month, others may cook once every 3 months while others donate time daily to their role on the Caring Ministry.  It’s a selfless behind the scenes group who live by the mantra, many hands make light work.  If you would like to explore the possibility of getting involved in the Caring Ministry please call the church office.   No meetings…time limits respected…No Strings Attached!
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