108 Eastman Street
Cranford, New Jersey 07016

Calvary Lutheran Church invites you to GROW, CONNECT and SERVE with us
in the name of Jesus

Join us for Worship with Holy Communion
Sundays @ 9:30am
Thursdays @ 1:15pm

"Breakfast Bunch" Sunday School @ 8:30am


Financial Support from family and friends makes the work we do here at Calvary possible.
Sharing God's blessings is another way of fulfilling God's word.
We give in response to God's incredible generosity in our lives.

Every year we ask members to submit a pledge.  This is an indication of your financial stewardship for the coming  year and is extremely helpful in planning the annual budget.

There are members who do not pledge at all. But, thankfully, most of them still give financially. We are simply asking those who are willing to give some indication of what their giving will be for the coming year in order to plan effectively.
Ways to Give
Vanco Form
Cash or checks are welcome in the Sunday offering plate.

We also offer several ways to electronically give.  This enables families to give consistently throughout the year, even while traveling.  We cannot emphasize enough how important your consistent tithing is to the finances of the church.

Available options are:

1- The Vanco Electric Giving Form.  Please fill out the recurring donation information form and return it to the church office with a voided check. This option can be setup for a portion of your usual giving and supplemented with giving during regular attendance.

2-Give via the app Give Plus.  Once the application is loaded, enter ‘Calvary’ into the search bar and tap ‘Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church’ from the choices that appear.  Establish an account and set up recurring donation.

3-Gain access to the Merchant system using the QR icon to the right. Once the page loads, follow the prompts to establish an account and set up a recurring donation.

4- Pay Online.  We are able to accept Online Gifts directly from your bank. Simply go on your bank website and add Calvary as a payee on your bill paying option. Calvary Lutheran Church in Cranford does appear on many bank website drop down menus. If it does not appear in the menu, please use this information to set it up:
Calvary Lutheran Church
108 Eastman St.
Cranford, NJ 07016
Thank you for your faithful stewardship at Calvary. 
Please let us know if you have questions.
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